Jam Sessions

04 Mar

That question seems to ignite a lot of debates in the DJ’ing industry! A LOT of people are on the side of “Auto Sync is not really Dj’ing”, or even worst: “Sync is cheating!!”. Those little 3 words are giving me goose bumps, because I totally disagree with that opinion![…]

13 Jan

Here’s what 10 minutes of free time can do to make you all smile! — Voici ce que 10 minutes de temps libre peut faire pour vous faire sourire! 90s Dance Oldies Mashup #1 (Yeah! there will be more!!!) Listen: Download: 90s Dance Mashup #1 Playlist: * Be My Lover[…]

30 Jul

I had the opportunity to spin in many small rave, but I can only dream to do a set in the biggest one: TomorrowLand. Here a demo of the set I would’ve done!